DVD and Video

August 21st, 2008

We at Eden Creation strive to get the best possible results for our clients. We have the tools and experience for your projects. If you want a corporate DVD, showreel, presentation for your company, we can deliver this at a fraction of the cost of expensive production studios.  

We provide.

Excellent DV video capture
We provide great quality transfer of Digital video to pc via Firewire, which will then be edited to your requirements.

Add video filters to enhance your project
We at Eden Creation will give you, the customer total control of your project. If you want your footage to look warm, cool, striking, dreamlike, sepia, bleach bypass, we can provide this along with a host of other options. We guarantee the final result will look as “Film like” as possible.

 Special Effects
Interactive backgrounds, company logos, showreels, will come to life with the many options we can provide. Visit our Flash site to view a brief few samples of the effects we can provide. Just go to “Showcase”, then “Logo animations.”

Interactive DVD menus
For that final touch, we provide DVD menus common in most DVD’s you see today.