Words Matter

Sometimes it’s easy to invest so much effort and energy in getting the design right that the words become something of an afterthought.

“It’s ok,” you say, “we’ll put something together when we get five minutes.”

But you don’t.
You don’t because you have an all consuming day job and there simply isn’t the time.
You don’t because it’s your business, your baby and it’s not easy to step back and work out what needs to be said where, when and to whom.
You don’t because you realise that the writing on your site needs and deserves more than just five minutes’ thought.
You don’t because… well, you just don’t.


Eden: Copywriting Creation

Words are vital. Words compel. Words sell. Words matter.
Sure, the design is essential in attracting the attention but you need the words to work their magic in conjunction with the design to keep that attention and drive the reader to ‘click here’, ‘call now’ or ‘buy online’.

At Eden, we won’t leave you to struggle with the words. We’ll do them for you. We’ll work with you to give your target audience powerful words they’ll want to read; words that will make the phone ring; words that work.

We write for small businesses and multi-national organisations. We’ve written for UK and overseas audiences.
We write words that generate real business.
Let us do the same for you.

Talk to Eden about how we can create words that are every bit as powerful as the design.

Call us now on 0783 4916863.

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